Friday, January 30, 2009

Schools Out of Control With Obama Worship

On my morning bus commute from Northern New Jersey to Manhattan earlier this week, I witnessed a startling - if not surprising - example of the abject bankruptcy of American education.

Displayed prominently in the classroom windows of a middle school were gigantic construction paper cutouts of letters spelling "OBAMA" in one window, and "YES WE CAN" in the adjacent window.

The town in which the school sits is predominantly black and Latino, and I can certainly appreciate the pride minorities are feeling in the November election results, but there is no room in a "free and open" society for such blatant endorsement of political candidates and brainwashing of children in a public educational facility. Not only is what children are taught in school a pack of lies and propaganda, but evidently they are now expected to fall in line with whatever political affiliation or candidate a school's administration deems proper.

Sickening how the continuing decline of American Education can now so easily dovetail with the blind, zombie-like worshiping of Barack Obama.

Steve Watson at wrote a story yesterday detailing more of this pro-Obama cheerleading in this country's schools.

Anyone who thinks for a second that this is any different than the forced idolatry seen in places like Red China, the Soviet Union, or Nazi Germany is a fool.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Time for Obama to Shut Up, Put Up

As I write this there are no less than 100 of my 200 or so co-workers drooling on themselves mesmerized by the television as Barack Obama gives his inauguration speech as the 44th President of the United States. Countless others are doing the same at their desks via or any of the other shill online news outlets.

When the smoke clears later this afternoon, Bush and Cheney will have made their long overdue exit, and we will finally get to see exactly what kind of "change" we're in for. Now-President Obama certainly has delievered enough empty promises of change, and has seemingly fleeced the better part of the entire globe. For our nation - and the world as a whole - hopefully he meant it, and will indeed deliver the kind of change people thought they were voting for.

Sadly, it's probably not going to resemble such a scenario one bit. After all, let's not forget that presidents are puppets - controlled by the Bilderbergers. And as I've covered in some detail in previous posts, Obama has surrounded himself with some frightening characters.