Friday, September 11, 2009

Charlie Sheen's Heroics Mark 8-Year Anniversary of Self-Inflicted Wound

As the twilight of the 8th anniversary of the 9/11 inside job approaches, it is the heroic actions of Charlie Sheen over the past few days that shine brightest.

First, it was Tuesday's exclusive release of Sheen's mock interview with President Obama on Alex Jones's site.

The piece, one of the most creative and courageous things you will ever see, was intended to rekindle fervor for a new 9/11 investigation, get the attention of the MSM and the Administration, and catapult a mega-star back into the 9/11 Truth spotlight.

Why was this necessary? First off, Sheen is the brightest star yet to go to bat for the Truth, and all other stars have taken a lukewarm, and marginally-informed stance. Charlie knows the history and the data inside-out. He's admittedly - and obviously - done a boat-load of research. Secondly, it's been three years since he went public on Alex's show. The air of the 9/11 Truth movement has thinned a bit. Someone other than Alex, Jason Bermas, WeAreChange, and the academics and scholars needed to infuse some life back into the cause. Charlie stepped up.

Seemingly most important, though, was Charlie's own mind and soul. He's an admitted Obama voter in 2008, and he feels burned. Much the same way EVERY Obama voter should feel. Obama has done nothing to retract Bush's tyrannical police state policies. Not surprising, since he answers to the same puppeteers, but nonetheless, he needs his chance to either do the right thing and promote "change," or be held to the same scrutiny as his retarded predecessor. For this, Sheen is willing to give Obama a chance to answer some legitimately tough questions.

Over the past three days, Sheen has had to endure yet another round of endless, mindless attacks from Neo-Con, war-loving shills everywhere from Limbaugh to O'Reilly, from Hannity to that wretched daughter of John McCain. The entirety of any of their retorts is laughable, but what gets me most are the endless references to Charlie Sheen's being the "latest celebrity to join the 9/11 Truth fringe."

Of course, Charlie was one of the first - more than three years ago.

Every American owes a great deal of gratitude to Charlie Sheen. He has more to lose and is still speaking up more than just about anyone.

As for the lambasting he's taking, it's the latest and greatest example of a pathetic, complicit, evil, retarded and bumbling MSM. To say he's the latest public figure in the movement is akin to saying that fires brought down the towers or cell phones mysteriously worked at 30,000 feet on 9/11/01.