Monday, June 30, 2008

The March To Tehran

Thank you Seymour Hersh of The New Yorker for your "breaking news" piece on the Neo-Cons' amped-up aggressions toward Iran. You're only a few months late though. Any reputable alternative media site has been reporting for three years now that Washington has been incrementally building towards a mega-attack on Iran. Truthfully, the U.S. has been passively attacking Tehran and it's outlying areas for up to five years now, but things look like they're about to go Shock and Awe style before George and Dick leave office in January.

Despite the fact that warships have been moving in for the past 18 months, and the rhetoric has been growing (recall - Iran backs al-Qaeda), the past few days have been the first time the MSM has really begun to let on that we're headed toward yet another illegal war.

Speaking of Iran backing al-Qaeda... the MSM has been championing this talking point for quite some time. However, this New Yorker piece is probably the first MSM evidence that the CIA is behind these breakaway faction, Sunni terrorist groups that have been wreaking havoc in Iran. Once more, let's recap. Any aggressive, bomb-happy, outlaw terrorist group found in the Middle East or Central Asia is almost always Sunni. Iran is a Shiite nation. Arch enemies of these so-called al-Qaeda groups. It doesn't matter though. The MSM will spin and spin, and the average moron on the streets of the U.S. will continue to believe that Iranians are evil Arab Sunnis in league with al-Qaeda. All the while, this latest report alleges that our Congress rubber-stamped $400 million for Bush to have the CIA rile up these groups and have them go on a bombing raid inside of Iran.

As far back as 2005, U.N. Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter went on record as saying that intelligence gathering and the mobilization of indigenous opposition groups (Sunni al-Qaeda) are all being carried out by the CIA-backed special forces routed in Iran. One of the favorite M.O.s of these groups are massive suicide bombings on mosques, buses, schools, and the rest of it. Funny how these same attacks within Iraq are reason for us to stay there and demonize that set of Middle Eastern people.

It also appears that one of the largest groups our CIA is currently backing in it's antagonizing of the Iranians is the MEK (Mujahedeen-e Khalq), an anti-Shiite Iranian rebel group once fully supported by Saddam Hussein. This is a group also alleged to have supported the 1979 takeover of the Iranian U.S. Embassy and taking of American hostages for 444 days. But like always, we cherry pick our rules and morals. Don't forget, we've been both friend and foe in less than 30 years with both Osama bin-Laden and Saddam Hussein.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Does Your Bank Account Feel Stimulated?

Last Saturday I finally received my George W. Bush "stimulus" check in the mail. I'll admit that while this program is a complete farce, I certainly needed the $600. That doesn't put me in different company from 90% of America though. Who couldn't use the average $600 or so boost to their account? Unfortunately, 99.0% of those who received a check - including myself - have already spent it.

Personally, I've been waiting for about six weeks now for the check because I've been wondering how I'm going to pay the rent and continue to pay down credit, watch Cablevision, and have electricity in the apartment all at the same time. I'm guessing this is the case with most people. Of course, the economy will see a slight boost because Americans are so dumb that even if they're in the same place I and so many others are, they'll still choose to spend $300/$600/$1200 (depending on tax status) on a couple of Red Lobster dinners, a night at the movies, and the cheapest HDTV Wal-Mart has to offer.

9.7 million stimulus checks went out during the past week, totalling $7.5 billion in money that doesn't exist. Where did a government that owes billions in debt to China alone each day come up with this nest egg? Answer: They didn't. It's more of printing green paper out of thin air. Even more ludicrous are the letters that taxpayers receive informing them of when they'll receive their check. About half of folks I talk to receive their check BEFORE they receive the notification letter. Not particularly helpful, huh? I was one of those people. Check came last Saturday, notice of check came two days later. On its face it may not seem important, but how many millions of extra dollars - that don't actually exist - is our government spending on man hours, postage and paper to get these letters out?

CNN Money, MSNBC and other "financial experts" are writing columns advising folks on how to best invest this money. Yet in actuality, anyone who can afford to invest anything didn't receive a check. As I mentioned earlier, the money is all spent, and that leads to a yet another paradox. How can you stimulate an economy with billions of dollars that have already been spent? The answer is you can't. The unfortunate reality is that you can tell the public you can and they'll believe you.

While the sheeple were busy cashing out this week, we quietly had one of the most disastrous financial performances in recent memory. The past seven days saw oil reach $143/barrel, the Pound hit $1.99/$, the Euro spike back to $1.57/$ and the stock market plummet back towards 11,000 (when just a few months ago we were well above 14,000). If it weren't so sad, it would be comical that this all happened during the week when our criminal government stepped up its economic "stimulization." Analysts added that we're solidly headed toward the worst economic June since 1930. Yes, that was during the Great Depression.

All of this said, I'm not in the least surprised. After all, I watched Alex Jones's 2007 film Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement. In that film was extensive coverage of the 2006 Bilderberg Group meeting outside of Ottawa, CA. It was leaked back then that the global crime syndicate's aim was $200/barrel oil. Almost two years later, we now have the largest criminal financial firms squawking about oil between $150-$170/barrel by the end of the summer. Whenever the MSM and the elite financiers begin coming close to telling the truth, you can bet the farm we're in far more than dire straits. True economists like Paul Craig Roberts (father of Reaganomics), Bob Chapman (The International Forecaster), and Joseph Stiglitz (former head of The World Bank) have been warning of $200 or more/barrel oil for quite some time now. Not that MSM ever gave this any airtime.

Those who have the most to lose are those who have had the money to make investments over the past 5 to 10 years. These are the same people who were sure they were part of "the establishment." When our financial system finally collapses for good, these are the poor souls who will be most affected. And as terrible as it sounds, I don't feel the least bit sorry for them. After all, these are the folks who have enabled the MSM and the government to continue lying to everyone because it made them feel safe, powerful, and part of the "winning team."

For the rest of us, soon we'll need to come up with a warm, welcoming speech for our new teammates.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

If You Call Grandma to Say Hello, You Could Be al-Qaeda

Last Friday the House of Reps. voted 293-129 in favor of the FISA Amendment Act. While the MSM was simply calling it an overhaul of the 1978 domestic surveillance law, in essence it's further destruction (if that's possible) of the 4th Amendment. Not only does the law grant telecomm companies immunity for warantless spying, it gives them retroactive pardons for all past felonies committed against the American people.

Any phone call, email, IM, or text message is fair game. No warrant necessary to listen to your neighbor have phone sex with his secretary or your cousin fight with her boyfriend. After all, anything said could be al-Qaeda code words and a threat to national security. Bush openly admits that in 2005 he ordered the shadowy NSA to intercept any communication between residents who are suspected of terrorism. Of course these days that includes 9/11 Truthers, anyone who references our Constitution, anyone who questions the government, and on and on.

The Bush Administration until now had refused to share any records of this program with the courts. Now the courts will be able to review records, but what's the difference? If they let Bush get away with not sharing up to this point, why would they all of a sudden care who is being spied on?

The justification for the telecomm immunity is that the companies have been so cooperative in the war on terror that we must protect them from lawsuits. After all, it's not like they've committed a felony each and every time they've lawlessly spied on U.S. citizens. So basically their pandering to the Neo-Cons has earned them a free pass. Not unlike our cherry picking of which dictatorships around the world to foster and which to annihilate.

The Dems don't get off the hook here though. First off, Nancy Pelosi voted for this, and thinks it's just grand. Senate majority leader Harry Reid runs around acting like it's a travesty, meanwhile admitting that he won't make a commitment one way or the other until he gives the law a full review. Complete posturing.

Unfortunately, Ron Paul had a prior commitment last Friday and was unable to cast a vote. However, he did get up on the Hill this week and said, "I have strongly opposed every previous FISA overhaul attempt and I certainly would have voted against this one as well." The congressmen also pointed out that this is ex post facto law and that such is clearly prohibited in Article I Section 9 of the Constitution. So, there's another amendment violated by this "law."

The current incarnation of this treason is set to expire in 2012. By then, corporate interests will probably be able to rape, pillage and murder with immunity. Wait, they already do.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Does It Even Matter Anymore What a Radio Host Says?

Once again we have Don Imus at the forefront of a racial brouhaha. The difference is, this time what he said seems to have been completely misconstrued. Even if it wasn't, what difference does it make anyway? We have a completely ambiguous remark resonating throughout the entire filthy MSM, while not one iota of the CIA-run trash has yet to comment on the June 10 Michael Reagan solicitation of murder against 9/11 Truthers.

Let's get real here people. This election is shaping up to be the most divisive and appalling in history. Tragically, we have two inept New World Order minions on either side. Even more tragically, one is black, one is white, the general public can't see past color, the NWO hates us all equally, and all the while we're headed more and more rapidly into complete tyranny. The MSM has really done it this time. Their cover up of 9/11 was stellar. Their wholesale pitch on the Iraq war worked like a charm. They've managed to sell the retarded public on the complete destruction of the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th Amendments. Now, they're ready to send the U.S. into total war in the streets over race.

Neither McCain or Obama has any legitimate platform. Case in point - we've been relegated thus far to talking points about race, public over private campaign funds, and who's tougher on terror. It's laughable. No matter how much our dollar is devalued, no matter how much oil prices increase, no matter how much more we pay for milk, cheese, juice, or any product containing corn, the sheeple still manage to gravitate toward terrorism. When will we wake up? IT'S ALL STAGED!!! It doesn't matter who is president. One month into Clinton's first term we have the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Eight months into the first George W. term, we have 9/11. God only knows what's in store this time. These puppets run nothing!

We're in a race against time. Before the current Neo-Con criminal empire is up and one of these stooges takes office, will we be able to convince enough of the general public that - minus about 5 of more than 500 members of Congress - they ALL need to be thrown out and tried for treason; both parties, no exceptions.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Paying Respects to George Carlin

It would be pointless for me to sit here and try to recap pioneer comedian George Carlin's career and lists of achievements. I only know that like millions of others I was blown away not only by the unparalleled humor of his performances, but also his keen insight into the world and how people operate.

Anyone who's ever watched a Carlin performance knows he was as anti-establishment as anyone. What's probably much less known is that while he was not a 9/11 Truther, he heavily supported the movement's principles and did not believe "the received reality" of the events around the attacks.

At an appearance in NYC last fall, Carlin made the following statement while discussing 9/11 Truth:

"They don't investigate themselves in this country - it would be a whitewash, it would be like the Kennedy thing, it would be like everything. The people who are in charge do what they want and they will always do what they want, power does what it wants to and I wouldn't trust an investigation."

Carlin will be sorely missed. Hopefully there is someone out there now we don't know of who can contribute 1/100th of the wisdom and truth he imparted.

Another Witness to Bombs in Building 7

Yet another eyewitness has come forward confirming that WTC Building 7 was riddled with bomb explosions on the afternoon of Sept. 11, 2001. Barry Jennings, who was the director of the NYC Emergency Services Department on 9/11 has stated that over the course of several hours of being trapped in WTC 7, he heard numerous explosions. He said unequivocally that he knows what he heard and he heard bombs.

For nearly seven years, debunkers have feebly tried to argue that any explosions were the result of an exploding fuel tank. This has of course been proven over and over as a ridiculous theory, and Jennings added, "I'm an old boiler guy, if it was a fuel oil tank it would have been one side of the building," rather than the complete free-fall collapse the world witnessed.

Jennings's timing could not be better. His claims come roughly two weeks ahead of yet another BBC hit piece, this time regarding Building 7. Previews of the show - which airs July 6 - indicate that this time around, the government controlled debunkers will try to dispel all of the theories surrounding what is clearly the biggest smoking gun of the 9/11 events. Evidence of a staged event is so airtight, the 9/11 Commission wrote not one single word about WTC 7 in its entire 571-page whitewash. Commission chairmen Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton in their new book Without Precedent even so much as admit that they were completely compromised. Lest we forget, the commission was such a farce that its original head was Henry Kissinger.

Meanwhile, the United States Attorney's office has said that there will be no charges brought against Michael Reagan for his on-air solicitation of the murder of Mark Dice. At least we can now end speculations over whether or not Reagan is above the law and completely untouchable.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Incredible New Movie

I just got done watching American Drug War. This is a new documentary by filmmaker Kevin Booth profiling the complete scam that is the "war on drugs." Through extensive interviews with users, dealers, former CIA spooks and DEA agents - among others - Booth shows how ineffective and corrupt the government's anti-drug crusade is. It is an absolute must-see. Incidentally, Alex Jones consulted on the film.

Keep an eye out as well for Alex Jones's new film 9/11 Chronicles Part I: Truth Rising. It will debut on July 4. Watch the trailer on, or on YouTube.

Friday, June 20, 2008

U.K.: Tryanny is Good, Martha is Evil

The British government - arguably even more corrupt and criminal than the tyrannical state we have here in the U.S. - has denied Martha Stewart a visa and entry into the kingdom. British officials said the denial stems from a desire to "oppose the entry to the UK of individuals where we believe their presence in the United Kingdom is not conducive to the public good or where they have been found guilty of serious criminal offences abroad."

Remember that the rulers of the UK comprise one-third - and perhaps the most appauling - branch of the true "axis of evil." That triumvirate consisting of the criminals atop the U.S., British and Israeli governments.

In England, it's no longer acceptable to merely congregate on the streets and have a conversation. That is a clear signal you're al-Qaeda. Don't believe it? Check out Alex Jones's 2006 film Terrorstorm and see how the cops in London react to public interaction between citizens. The destruction of the First Amendment in the U.S. pales in comparison to the U.K. Anything short of the royal talking point is a hate crime and promotion of al-Qaeda. Earlier this week, a council in the province of Kent actually banned the term "brainstorming," saying it was discrimatory and offensive to the mentally handicapped. Henceforth, the correct term is "thought showers."

In the meantime, the Queen, Prince Philip and other members of the royal family sit atop the global criminal empire, carrying out their eugenic destruction of the human race. But Martha Stewart is just too unsavory to have over for high tea.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Getting Away with Solicited Murder

A week ago, we in the Truth movement had hopes that Neo-Con trash talk show host Michael Reagan would crash and burn following his call to murder 9/11 Truthers, in particular Mark Dice of The Resistance. What we got was a pathetic, patronizing attempt at an apology, and a concerted 1984-style attempt to rewrite history.

Archives of Reagan's Radio America broadcast from Tuesday, June 10 no longer include the second hour of the show that contained his filthy tirade. Attempts by Truthers and non-Truthers alike to have the FCC take action and have Reagan fined and/or fired have been completely ignored. The MSM of course hasn't covered the story at all. Imagine if an Alex Jones or someone in the movement made an on-air comment even one-tenth as venomous. That person would probably be doing a stint in Gitmo right now with no legal representation or trial for the next, say, three years.

Recall that Howard Stern was fined $2 million for off-colored remarks on his radio show, and Don Imus was fined last year for making a racial slur against the Rutgers women's basketball team. By comparison to Reagan, these were extremely mild attacks. Neither Stern nor Imus said they would pay for the bullets to have someone shot.

Dice's YouTube account has also been terminated. Lawyers for Reagan had previously demanded Dice remove all postings containing the June 10 show from the site. Dice rightly argued that clips were covered under fair use, especially given he himself was threatened. While YouTube has proven a wonderful tool in the information war, it certainly has proven it's part of the establishment in the end.

Last week was hardly the first time Reagan has engaged in mind-blowing and hateful commentary. This is an individual who has called for the public hanging of Howard Dean, and for inserting hand grenades into the rear-ends of Iraqi women and babies and blowing them up. At the end of the day though, when you have the 7th largest radio show in the U.S., are the stepson of Ronald Reagan, and run around all day parroting the Neo-Con globalist talking points, you can do and say whatever you please.

Dice says he is working with a member of the FBI exploring his legal options, and anyone who is familiar with his work knows he isn't going to let this crime just fade out. Still, it's not looking like there's even one member of the establishment paying any attention or having any care for the safety and well-being of innocent patriotic citizens.

Anyone wishing to voice their outrage toward Reagan's terroristic threats can contact the head of Radio America, Jim Roberts, at 703-302-100.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Neo-Con Stretch Run

We're rapidly approaching the last half-year of the Bush Administration's tour of tyranny and terror. While the general public is running around asking "Obama or McCain?" "Who will be the VP nominees?" and "Lakers or Celtics?", the real question every American should be asking his or herself is: "What grand finale do the Neo-Cons have in store for us?"

There has been a rash of potentially ominous statements recently from the Neo-Con camp. Of course there's the ongoing talking point of "all options are on the table" regarding Iran. It's no secret that Bush, Cheney and the rest of them are absolutely clawing at the walls in anticipation of annihilating the Iranians. This has been on the table for years. Ron Paul stood before the House as far back as 2004 and pled for our criminal regime to exercise restraint in regards to Iran. The only potential saving grace is that at last week's Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly, Va., the European contingent was dead set against the U.S. attacking Iran. Hopefully, this will be enought to stall the aggression.

There have been some frightening similarities over the past year or so between Iran-related overtures, and the lead-up to the war with Iraq. Aside from the White House rhetoric, there has been the positioning of three U.S. warships right outside of Iranian waters, as well as nonsensical attempts to link Iran to al-Qaeda. Remember that Iran is Shiite. The opposite branch of Islam, and eternal enemies of the Sunni al-Qaeda. Of course, al-Qaeda as it's been portrayed doesn't exist. But the small terrorist groups that actually do run around bombing buses and such are indeed Sunni, based out of Saudi Arabia.

Then we have Bush demanding "bring me Bin Laden before I leave office." Now, by all legitimate (ie - non MSM) accounts, Osama has been dead for a long time. Whether he is still running around the caves of Afghanistan or not is completely irrelevant. This ultimatum from Bush could very well mean a late fall/early winter appearance of another staged video. We could well be looking at footage of a blown up cave, or an operative dressed up in Muslim garb with a fake beard. Complete with the proclamation that we've finally, after more than seven years, captured the boogeyman. This would naturally justify the entire war on terror, and proactively justify any subsequent wars or infringements on liberty that McCain or Obama have in store for the American people.

We also saw Newt Gingrich in the past couple of days spew more terror mongering and propaganda. This time in response to the Supreme Court's 5-4 ruling in favor of Habeas Corpus. At least one branch of the government still has a few (if very few) scruples. The high court ruled that it is not constitutional to round up anyone the government wants and deny them of due process - whether or not they are suspected of potential terrorism. Well, that just isn't going to fly with Newt.

Gingrich pronounced that the result of this ruling will be the destruction of an American city. That of course is code for a nuclear attack on a U.S. metropolis. While the general public will buy this wholesale, it's an unbelievable attempt at fear mongering. Gingrich is no doubt insinuating that al-Qaeda will nuke one of our major cities if we're not able to round everyone up and throw them into a black hole. The problem with this is twofold. First, al-Qaeda doesn't exist. Secondly, even if you want to believe they're hiding in your bathtub, they're not Pakistan, they're not China, they're not India, and they're not Israel. They... don't... have... nukes.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Stating the Obvious - Bermas is the Man

Alex Jones decided he needs some much deserved family time this week, so he's taking off, and Jason Bermas is filling in. Bermas filled in two weeks ago for three days while Alex was off bullhorning the Bilderberg dirtbags in Chantilly, Va.

I have to say that in the past, I would seriously be a bit depressed when Alex went away. Like we'd be completely devoid of good radio for up to a week. But ever since Bermas temporarily relocated to Austin to work on his upcoming film Fabled Enemies, it's actually been pretty rad. Obviously, Alex's style is incomparable but Bermas really makes sure the show doesn't miss a beat. He's extremely well versed, well spoken and while he isn't nearly as schooled as Alex, he covers a damn good amount of topics. He really is showing he's a whole lot more than Loose Change.

Speaking of... where's Dylan Avery? Clearly he's always been a bit less comfortable in the spotlight than Bermas, but I hear or see nothing from him. I'll admit I haven't looked too deeply, but it would be cool to hear from him some more.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The NWO Ramps It Up

Last week was a busy and productive one for the global crime syndicate. On Tuesday, Neo-Con talk show host and stepson of Ronald Reagan, Michael Reagan, openly called for the murder of 9/11 Truth advocates. In particular, he called for tying Resistance Manifesto creator/author Mark Dice to a pole and have him subject to a firing squad. At no point during his tirade did he provide any sort of caveat that this was a joke. Instead, he repeatedly and vehemently said he would pay for the bullets.

Now, of course this will further rile up the dumbed down Neo-Con listeners, and could very well prompt violence against anyone promoting 9/11 Truth. However, the underlying motive for this despicable rant likely stems from the fact that the truth movement is exploding exponentially and the establishment is more and more relegated to a cornered rat. The more we near the truth behind the events of 9/11 and the more high profile folks who claim "inside job," the more these shills have to fear that they're about to be tried and hung up for treason.

It's no coincidence. The truth movement grows, and the government puts out memos linking Truthers to al-Qaeda. More celebrities come out, and the number of CIA operative media shills calling for violence against the movement increases. It's a simple cause and effect. Not too dense a line to read between. The threats and vitriole have exploded in recent months, as we've seen the movement gain the likes of Jesse Ventura, Willie Nelson, Yukihisa Fujita of the Japanese Parliament, 2008 Oscar-winning French actress Marion Cotillard, and on and on.

Hopefully, the death threats will amount to nothing more than empty rhetoric. Further, we can only hope this piece of trash Reagan will be fired. The latter not very likely. This is a guy who admittedly gets his talking points via private trips to the White House.

In other descent into tyranny news, TSA officials announced that they are now scanning full naked photos of passengers at the international gates at Dallas-Forth Worth airport. Up to four airports had previously had these machines for a while now. It's when they're openly admitting to it, however, that you know it's about to get really bad. The plan, according to TSA officials, is to have upwards of 214 of these scanners across the country in the next two years.

Just to repeat: full naked scans - genitals, breasts, you name it. Officials are trying to smooth it over by saying, don't worry, we blur out the faces. But the photos are still linked to your name in a database, so what's the difference? Of course, the majority of those interviewed by local Dallas news said they have no problem with this complete violation of the 4th Amendment. After all, they said, safety first.

Naturally. Total perverted infringements on your most basic privacy. All in the name of fighting al-Qaeda.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Kucinich Steps Up and Stares Down the Evil

Not that it's getting much mainstream air time, but Dennis Kucinich has stepped up and done what everyone talks about but does little to move forward. This past Tuesday, the Ohio congressman put forth 35 articles for the impeachment of President Bush. Like Ron Paul, Kucinich was completely blacked out by the MSM during the election primary season. And like Paul, Dennis means business.

For years now, we've seen media talking heads, patriot groups, bloggers, et al. do a lot of talking about the need to impeach our treasonous president. It wasn't until June 10, 2008 that someone actually did something about it. To say overdue is not even close to the truth. If a move for impeachment against Bill Clinton or Andrew Johnson was justified given their crimes, then this is mandatory. Let's take a very quick look at the rap sheet.

We have 3000 dead in a government-sponsored terrorist act - in which Bush was likely not responsible, but certainly complicit. We have 4000 dead soldiers, tens of thousands more injured, 1 million dead Iraqi's and our national name and credibility destroyed - based on a pack of absolute lies. We have $7 trillion missing from the Pentagon since Bush took office. We have no more 4th Amendment, and complete domestic and global lawlessness - particularly from our police and military. This of course is the tip of the iceberg.

Ideally, Congressman Kucinich will get the support he needs to vote these articles through. Of course, it's highly unlikely given both sides of the aisle play for the same covert team. In any case, it's become apparent that as the only 9/11 Truth candidate, and stepping up against first Cheney and now Bush, Kucinich is at the tip of the spear in the movement to regain our liberties, our rights, and our country.

Another Slap in the Face from the Filthy MSM

For the past year, we've seen virtually no MSM coverage of Ron Paul outside of the various fraudulent debates. (Except for the time or two he was excluded from those as well). And every now and then when the Pentagon-run cable "news" outlets did reference the good doctor, it was to mock him. Well, now Ron Paul has more or less conceded his presidential campaign... and Fox, CNN and the rest of the shills can't say enough about it!

I'd venture a guess there's been more Ron Paul coverage over the air during the past 36 hours than the past 36 weeks. Everywhere you looked yesterday, it was Ron Paul this, Ron Paul that. And, amazingly, I didn't catch one snickering comment. Even an LA Times blog this morning was fair to the Congressman - and they're usually banging the biggest pots and pans in the smear campaign.

Could it be that all of these clowns are breathing a collective sigh of relief? Not that Ron Paul is going away - we all know he's only begun his plan of action. But the talking heads are none the wiser. They see this as a huge victory, and probably feel like they're being gracious winners.

To think that if so many in the media were galvanized to get Dr. Paul's message of liberty out as they are to toll the bell now, we'd likely be looking at an entirely different Fall of 2008.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Campaign Ends, The Revolution Goes On

So, it looks like Ron Paul is ready to officially end his 2008 Presidential run tonight. This isn't really news, insofar as the campaign has been winding down for weeks. And it shouldn't dishearten any of his supporters, either.

For more than a year now, Dr. Paul's push for the White House has galvanized millions - including young, first time voters. As one female supporter has famously stated, "Dr. Paul cured my apathy." And that's exactly the point. Increasingly, voters are tiring of the lack of choice, the lack of difference between Right and Left, and the out and out fraud carried out by the mainstream candidates and MSM. Ron Paul gave them something fresh, exciting and genuine to believe in. As he stated himself, this whole "Ron Paul Revolution" is way bigger than him.

It's not going to matter one bit who wins between Obama and McCain. The war(s) will go on, the dollar will continue to devalue at an alarming rate, and more of our civil liberties will go extinct - all in the name of fighting al-CIA-da. But the millions of dollars raised by Dr. Paul, and the millions who went out to vote for him in the primaries - despite a total media blackout - are indicators that the whole political arena is changing. More and more folks won't be told who to support. They believe in the constitution, a strong currency, personal freedoms, and peace. And the candidates that truly share those views are who they'll continue to gravitate towards.

Dr. Paul himself is now going to concentrate on helping get these libertarian/constitutionalist type candidates elected around the country. One of those candidates, I'm proud to say, is Senate hopeful Murray Sabrin, right here in New Jersey. Speaking of, check out his official site at .

Ron Paul also will be holding his own convention in MN in September, concurrent with the Republican National Convention. The turnout should be huge, and the atmosphere electric.

Someone who might actually perform there from what I've heard is rocker Aimee Allen. I was just turned on to Aimee last week through the Alex Jones Show. She is awesome! Great voice, killer music, and she's smoking hot!!! Check her out, too, while you're at it:

Finally, I just wanted to say that I recently finished reading Ron Paul's Revolution: A Manifesto. It was absolutely incredible. What a refreshing message on war, economics, civil liberties, and politics. A MUST READ!

Welcome to the Truth - North Jersey Style

Just a quick hit about what I'm doing here.

I get more and more frustrated each day that most people walk around blind to truth and accept any bit of propaganda they're fed. I have no apprehensiveness about speaking up to correct someone's false info, and I am constantly imparting what I hear and read on people I work with - whether they want to hear it or not.

So, what I plan to do here is spread accurate, vital information that folks just won't come across in the mainstream media (henceforth to be know here as MSM).

Navigate this blog, and you'll find links to the best truth and patriot sites out there. What I want to do is voice my own opinion and post fresh info, but concurrently point folks in the direction of the leaders of the "truth movement."

Hopefully someone out there will stumble across this microscopic corner of the information war and learn something. Better yet, maybe I post something that will challenge everything they ever thought they knew.