Thursday, July 31, 2008

Huge Announcements About Ron Paul Convention

Ron Paul 2008 campaign spokesman Jesse Benton was on the Alex Jones Show this afternoon, and announced some major happenings for the Rally for the Republic - the alternative to the RNC in Minneapolis Aug. 31 - Sept. 2.

Benton said that Governor Jesse Ventura will be a keynote speaker at the three-day rally, and that Aimee Allen will also be performing. It was just last month that Allen was a guest of Jason Bermas on the Alex Jones Show, and more or less said she'd love to perform at the convention if asked. More big names are expected over the course of the three days, so stay tuned.

On a side note, after months of waiting, Aimee's wesbsite looks like it's half up and running at this point. She's so hot, it's ridiculous.

The Rally for the Republic event was created to give fed-up Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, and Independents alike a true choice and outlet to spread the message of liberty and constitution during the 2008 Election season. It will coincide with the RNC, which will be hosting its celebration of tyranny right across the river in St. Paul. The RNC naturally did not invite Dr. Paul as his message would have completely exposed and humiliated the criminals in the Republican party. They're certainly going to hear what the Congressman and other guests will have to say, however, as the event is going to be huge. So big, in fact, that the original venue had to be scrapped in favor of the 15,000-seat Target Center - home of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Alex Jones said that Ron Paul - who was supposed to be on today - will be on in the first hour of Monday's show, and that more huge, exclusive announcements will be made at that time.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ramos, Compean Not Completely Forgotten

Fortunately it seems that there are still a few folks who won't rest until U.S. Border Patrol agents Ignacio “Nacho” Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean are rightfully pardoned and freed. Sadly, though, that is almost certainly not going to happen.

Three weeks ago, Judicial Watch, a public interest law firm, filed a lawsuit against the U.S. State Department to obtain documents related to the government’s decision to prosecute Ramos and Compean and to strike a deal with the criminal and drug trafficker Aldrete-Davila for his testimony against the two agents who intercepted him at the US-Mexican border.

In case you forgot (or more likely never heard the story of) these guys, they are the U.S. Border agents who in 2006 were sent to prison for shooting a Mexican drug dealer. They testified that the shooting was in self defense, but apparently that isn't allowed. And even if it wasn't in self defense, where is the justification for taking down two border patrol agents for shooting some Mexican piece of filth dealing drugs? And as far as race goes, don't even start. These are obviously two Hispanic officers who are involved - it wasn't about race! This is simply a matter of protecting our border. Of course, that's likely the problem. We have a government with absolutely zero interest in protecting our southern border. The mistake these two stand-up cops made was to actually try and enforce the law.

Mexican illegals are completely above the law, and by design. It would take hours and way too much blogging to get into why right now. If you want to know who, what, how and why this is the case, just tune into the Alex Jones show for a few days in a row and you'll be more than educated. The live broadcast, as well as the subsequent podcasts can be found at

There is no doubt the overwhelming majority of the illegal alien issue (see illegals pulling down American flags, or Mexican flags flying above American flags) is in the South and Southwest.

However, I can personally attest to the fact that Hispanic illegals are above the law. Last July I appeared in court on a DWI charge. Two defendants ahead of me was an illegal from El Salvador. The charge against this individual was driving without a valid license. Now, in the state of New Jersey, this is a mandatory 12-month suspension and countless fines. Verdict: $50 fine and on his way. The judge chalked it up to the fact that this guy did have a license from El Salvador. Not that I in any way am defending what I did, but do you have any clue the 1000xS of times worse penalty I received? Under New Jersey law, incidentally, the penalties for DWI and no license are not very far apart.

In reality, there are no guidelines for dealing with this riff-raff, and moreover, cops and judges are warned by their bosses not to punish illegals. The illegal Hispanics are an integral tool in bringing down the U.S.

The most tragic part of the story is that patriotic Hispanic-Americans who are trying to protect us like Ramos and Compean are among the first to be sacrificed for this horrendous New World Order Bilderberg agenda.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Obama, McCain: Doing a "Great Job" of Betraying the American People

As far as the MSM is concerned, the 2008 Presidential candidates are stepping up the message and sharpening the focus. Those with their eyes open, however, are finding more tragic comic relief than they could possibly have imagined.

We have McCain complaining that Obama is in Europe, and Obama complaining that he's abroad not doing anything different than McCain. Truth is, Barack is mostly correct. After all, he probably received his talking points back in the first week of June during his "surprise" visit to the Bilderberg meeting on opening night. Both Obama and McCain are fulfilling the Bilderberg, New World Order agenda to perfection.

First off, we have Obama defending his treasonous speech in Berlin last week by saying he and his campaign "did a good job." Well, of course they did. They parroted the NWO message of no borders and no soverignty with perfection, and solidified his nomination. Now, that may seem like an endorsement for the warhawk McCain. NO! He's back in the States running around talking about al-Qaeda, troop surges, and any other GI-Joe-sounding rhetoric that will rally the remains of the right that have forsaken him because, unlike George Bush, he "is not of the Lord."

Obama is clearly the winner. I'm saying it now, write it down, call your bookie; a Five-Star Lock! First off, Obama is getting way too much coverage comparatively. Secondly, all of McCain's comebacks and complaints are very, very far from scandalous. A man like Obama who is running around every part of the world other than his own should be wide open for a crippling attack. Yet witness the weak arsenal McCain is deploying. He was only able to call Obama out on skipping a visit to injured troops in Afghanistan.

Make no mistake here, and don't start in with attacks about my supporting McCain. Read my previous blogs and you'll see I don't even consider McCain a candidate. This is a man who as recently as last week claimed that Saddam Hussien had hopes of WMDs.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

"Let's Roll" More of a Joke Than Ever

During last week's trial against "Osama bin Laden's driver," a U.S. Naval Prosecutor said -whether on purpose or not - that the infamous Flight 93 was shot down on 9/11. On face this is certainly not news.

Everyone knows Flight 93 was blown to hell - even Donald Rumsfeld slipped up as many as three times over the years and said it was shot down. It's just nice to see active U.S. Military personnel admitting it - again, whether or not he meant to. This of course should have been headline news, but not a mention from the criminal MSM.

Probably the most succinct and convincing argument for the shoot-down of 93 was first seen in Loose Change: Second Edition. A entire section of the film was dedicated to how Flight 93 had an 8-mile wide debris field, with large pieces of debris being recovered from Indian Lake, Pa., a couple of miles away from the alleged "crash site" in Shanksville, Pa.

While Building 7 is the consensus smoking-gun point for the 9/11 fable, I still hold that the whole Flight 93 chapter was the most bogus part of the day. For example, there's the ridiculous "crater" on the field grass in Shanksville that the Feds claimed was the crash site - sans ANY evidence of an aircraft, large or small. Then there's Indian Lake mayor Barry Lichty telling Dylan Avery of Loose Change that if they hadn't told him, he'd never have known there was a "plane crash."

On a personal level, I'd like to point out that while I only three years ago became a "truther," I questioned the Flight 93 bull from day one. I can clearly recall arguing that there is no way a bunch of passengers led by Todd Beemer heroically took over the flight and saved the day - and that it must have been blown up. I remember thinking, "this just smacks of some fairy tale the stupid public will eat up."

Perhaps on some subconscious level, it was this complete b.s. fable that laid the mental seeds for me waking up a few years down the line. If so, then thank you to our criminal government for fake heroes, fake cell phone calls from 35,000 feet, and fake crashes in remote Pennsylvania.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Impeachment Hearing a Complete Circus of Corruption

Today's hearing before the House Judiciary Committee to explore George Bush and Dick Cheney's abuse of executive powers devolved into a Neo-Con-worshiping charade before it even began.

It started yesterday when Committee Chair John Conyers said there would be absolutely no tolerance of discussing articles of impeachment, or attacking Bush or Cheney. This of course tied the hands of Dennis Kucinich - who brought forward the article of impeachment leading to the hearing - as well as the rest of the witnesses there to testify.

Neo-Con representative Lamar Smith (Tx.) led off by saying, "we all know, the media all know, nothing will come out of this hearing." He added that there is no evidence to support impeachment, and no evidence of criminal activity by the Bush Administration. How is this any different than a judge - before hearing one witness's testimony - saying "we know the defendant is innocent, there's no evidence to support any other theory, and we all can now go home?"

Kucinich got his chance to speak, and while he was able to read off the points about no WMDs, no 9/11 link, no threat, et al., Conyers felt he had to reassert that Kucinich was not allowed to read any of his actual articles. I suppose none of this should come as a surprise.

In the end, the important thing is that we have someone like Kucinich out there valiantly fighting for us, rather than the corporate-military-industrial complex.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

NWO Obama Cries Out for One-World Government

Barack Obama further displayed his globalist, New World Order intent yesterday during his speech to some 200,000 sheep in Berlin. The mesmerizing rhetoric was in full swing, as Obama won over the hearts and minds of Europe's most easily brainwashed. He basically called for a "one-world" in which there are no walls, no borders.

Seemingly harmless enough on its face, as it smacks of a whole "we are the world"-type scenario. The trouble is, this is a fancy dress being put on the horrifying ogre being implemented by the global elite Bilderbergers - a one-world government in which all 6-billion plus of us are complete and total slaves under a single set of globalist masters.

This is what makes Obama just as dangerous as John McCain - just in a different way. McCain makes no attempt to hide the fact he loves the war in Iraq, wants to be there for 100 years or more, can wait to attack Iran, etc. Obama acts like he wants to get out of Iraq, says he opposed the war from the get go, and on and on. Of course he won't get us out of Iraq either, because even if elected, he'll control nothing. It's this empty but unfortunately galvanizing rhetoric, however, that is fooling way too many people for our own good.

Not only does he have the blacks and guilty white liberals fooled, he has half of Europe fleeced now, too.

Ron Paul Too Cool Over Assassination Attempt

Ron Paul appeared for a quick five-minute segment on the Alex Jones Show today. This comes on the heels of Dr. Paul's emergency plane landing on Tuesday after cabin depressurization. His response was once again a cool-handed brush-off, but another frustrating example of how he will not come straight out and accuse anyone of the things we know are going on. He was too passive in the Republican debates. He wasn't being treated fairly anyway, so he should have gone for broke.

We know 9/11 is an Inside Job; on this topic he falls short - unlike Kucinich in terms of boning-up with such accusations. We know they tried to kill Dr. Paul on Tuesday; his response is passive.

It has become frustrating to watch the best qualified candidate for president - based on everyday domestic and foreign policy - play sheepish when it comes to his own life and the intentions this Neo-Con regime has in store for anyone like Dr. Paul. This is why over the past two months or so, Dennis Kucinich has shot past Ron Paul as our congressional champion.

Alex asked him what happened, and the Congressman responded, "It was obviously a significant event, because it's not very often you see these oxygen masks all down in your face, and actually the people did pretty well, they remained calm, everybody grabbed it and started breathing."

Dr. Paul lasers in on the dollar and economic policy, and he's absolutely the champion of that issue. He might be the only member of Congress with any clue of what's really going on economically. He's at the tip of the spear in terms of slaying the Federal Reserve and our current monetary system. He's slightly disappointed in other areas though. When it comes to 9/11, assassination attempts, and the flat-out rogue nation of Bush and Cheney, he simply falls short of Kucinich.

There is no doubt Ron Paul is a 100% Champion of the People. Dennis Kucinich is just a little more willing to step up and spit venom in the face of the Neo-Cons.

Kucinich Readies for Friday's Showdown

Congressman Dennis Kucinich will take the next step toward the impeachment of George W. Bush on Friday when he goes before the House Judiciary Committee with an article citing abuse of Executive Power, in particular in the lead up to the Iraq war. Yesterday Kucinich dropped in on the Alex Jones Show and pleaded with listeners to contact their representatives, as well as all media outlets, and let them know just how important this hearing is. He also posted a YouTube video on Wednesday which again outlined the fundamentals and reasoning for his latest impeachment article.

While the criminality of the Bush Administration is an open-and-shut case, and the overwhelming majority of Americans support impeachment, leading Democrats continue to try and brush Kucinich and his articles aside, with a endless amount of empty and insulting arguments. Further evidence that aside from certain window dressing rhetoric, there's no difference between the parties.

In a sickening - if not surprising - last-minute move, Judiciary Chair John Conyers is now trying to relegate the hearing to one that's as short and ineffectual as possible. He has said, "no one at Friday's impeachment hearing can accuse Bush or Cheney of any crime, or any impeachable offense, or dishonorable conduct, or even lying." Then what is the point of the hearing, John?

This remark comes one week after Conyers was quoted as saying, “credible allegations of serious misconduct” by Bush and Cheney need to be researched and reviewed. More doublespeak from one of the most treasonous closet Neo-Con admirers on the Left.

Kucinich also pointed out on Wednesday that moving forward with impeachment may just slow down the Neo-Cons' plans for an attack on Iran. As Bush and Co. near the end of their reign, an attack appears ever more likely.

Whatever does happen on Friday, we all need pray for the Congressman's well-being. He's certainly crossed the rubicon when it comes to dealing with these murderers, and don't forget what happened to Paul Wellstone in 2002 after he wouldn't be strong-armed by Dick Cheney.

Just two days ago, Congressman Ron Paul narrowly dodged what was likely an assassination attempt when his plane needed an emergency landing because of a depressurized cabin. In a twist of irony, but not likely coincidence, Dr. Paul and six other congress members were on their way to vote on The Aviation Safety Enhancement Act of 2008.

Paul's position on the issue is - to say the least - not favorable toward the FAA or the Government. Hmm...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ron Paul Laughs at The RNC and the "Establishment" and Makes Major Announcement

Here is a letter from Congressman Dr. Ron Paul - a TRUE champion of Liberty and the American People.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

If they expected us to retire quietly from the scene, the political elite are in for a surprise.

Today I am making some very big announcements.

First, from August 31 to September 2 in Minneapolis, we will host a handful of events that will shake the political establishment. Everything will culminate on Tuesday with the official launch of the Campaign for Liberty at the Rally for the Republic.

The Campaign for Liberty will be the largest organization for peace, freedom, the Constitution, and sound money in American history. It will launch in grand fashion with lots of special guests and - if the early television and print inquiries we've received are any indication - plenty of media attention.

I would like to personally invite you and your family to join me and thousands of others in Minneapolis for these events and send a message to the Republican Party.

Tickets will go on sale for the Rally for the Republic this Friday, July 25 @ 10AM CST. We want this to be an unforgettable day, so we are holding a ticket bomb all day Friday in the tradition of our famous money bombs. How many seats can we sell on the first day?

In patriotic fashion all tickets will cost $17.76, so you can afford to bring the whole family.

This leads me to the second big announcement. After measuring the excitement and enthusiasm, we decided that the Williams Arena at the University of Minnesota was just too small to hold you. Therefore, we are making a significant upgrade. The Rally for the Republic will now take place at the Target Center, the largest arena in Minneapolis!

This promises to be the most spirited and provocative political event of the year! We held some very large rallies during the presidential campaign, but I have never attempted anything of this scale before. Its success rests entirely in your hands.

Later this week I will announce two internationally renowned musicians as headliners for the Rally for the Republic. We'll also be joined by rock star Aimee Allen, NBC's Tucker Carlson, Barry Goldwater Jr., Gov. Gary Johnson, conservative stalwart Grover Norquist, former Reagan deputy Attorney General Bruce Fein, presidential historian Doug Wead, MTV's Adam Curry, musician Mark Scibilia, and Frank Sinatra impersonator Rick Ellis. Other special guests will be announced soon.

My staff has been working overtime to provide you with three full days of entertainment. Please visit the schedule page of the website and read all about upcoming events. We also have a lodging page to help you find accommodations in Minneapolis.

Together we are taking back our government and restoring the republic. Please join me in Minneapolis to kickoff the Campaign for Liberty and support our Revolution. Can I count on you to be there?

In Liberty,

Ron Paul

P.S. I know that you have done so much already, but with both major party nominees threatening to lead us into bankruptcy at home and more wars abroad, the success of the Rally for the Republic and the launch of the Campaign for Liberty is crucial. Please do what you can to be in Minneapolis August 31 - September 2 and send a loud and clear message of freedom, peace, and prosperity.

When "Thin Air" Is Acceptable

For the past two nights, I've been closely watching C-SPAN's replays of the daily White House press briefings with Press Secretary Dana Perino. While she's a lot easier on the eyes than Ari Fleischer, Scott McClellan or Tony Snow, the thinly-veiled spin is as apparent as ever.

Even the MSM hacks are seemingly pushing her a little harder lately in terms of Iraq. Particularly with Barack Obama's Middle East trip this week. The media whores have done a decent job of pointing out that the Iraqi government seems to be in step with Obama's "policies" (though we'll see how much they change once he's in office), and withdrawl plans, and they continue to stress this point while asking Perino about Administration reaction.

The answer over and over and over is the same. "We're not going to discuss arbitrary dates," "we're not going to pick withdrawal timetables out of thin air."

On face this sounds valid, but why is our economic policy based PURELY on arbitrary info and the creation of money out of thin air? Nearly everyone in government (sans Ron Paul and a few others) seems to think this is an acceptable - if not effective - means of regulating our economic systems. Meanwhile, just watch the clip of Congressman Paul's comments to Fed Chair piece of filth Ben Bernanke last week to find out what it really means to conduct business this way.

The point is this - it's okay to completely devalue the dollar and destroy the middle class of our country by printing money, credit, and help for floundering criminal banks out of thin air. But when it comes to something completely irrelevant to the day-to-day lives of Americans - in so far as leaving Iraq completely tomorrow wouldn't affect us at all - there's "no way" we're going to pull timetables out of "thin air."

What better an example of how backward the priorities of our leaders - both parties - are?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Key House Election in New Jersey

Below is my recent letter to House hopeful Dennis Shulman, who is attempting to unseat Neo-Con piece of trash Scott Garrett in the 5th District of New Jersey this November.

Dear Dennis:

For 31+ years I was a resident of the 5th District of New Jersey. Without going too far back into history, I’ll just say that the past six years with Scott Garrett have been a disgrace. As it turns out, I am now a resident of D-9 as I have moved to Hackensack. On the one hand, I am glad to have a Rep. like Steve Rothman. On the other hand, I still loathe the fact that my parents are in D-5 and face another term for this Neo-Con.

I am a registered Democrat, but as you’ll see by my email signature below, my support for Election 2008 has been for Congressman Ron Paul. I have gotten to the point where I am past party line voting and support. I now can only vote on a case-by-case basis given the platforms of the candidates. At the top levels, Sir, both parties appear to be bought and paid for.

I can say, however, that I’ve read through your bio and positions, and while I don’t agree with everything, I certainly do hope that the residents of D-5 put you into office this Fall.

I realize that I am no longer a constituent of yours, but as I mentioned, my parents are. Thus, I ask one thing of you when you take office. Please be a champion for a new, truly independent investigation into the events of September 11, 2001. We the People have been lied to about what happened that day, and the families of the 2900+ victims deserve, once and for all, some real answers.

With respect, and with hopes of your election,

Edward J. Chupak

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Barney and Bernie - Perfectly Treasonus Together

After Wednesday's House Finance Committee hearing with Fed Chair Ben Bernanke, it appears the head of the the committee is a treasonous piece of trash that thinks this private banking thug is someone to be lauded over.

House Finance Chair Barney Frank was quoted as saying, "If the Federal Reserve Board, before [Bernanke] became chair, had promulgated the rules [Bernanke] promulgated on Monday, I do not think we'd be in as dire a situation." What the hell does that mean? That if before this filth was nominated by Bush that we'd have stopped issuing credit and capital out of thin air, and we'd be better off? Well, in that case, Frank is right. The problem is Bernanke has continued this suicidal practice like a top-level dealer wielding crack.

The fact is Bernanke has made a living the past two years of bailing out criminal bankers. Each time another predatory bank bottoms up because the yuppie idiots they financed can't pay their mortgages, here comes the Fed to issue help. The retarded public thinks this is great. Probably because the piece of filth MSM tells them it is. The mainline b.s. is that we need to bail out these criminals in order to maintain economic order. Of course, any legitimate financial forecaster will tell you it's time to cleanse the system.

Now, anyone with half a brain (which is probably 25% of Americans at best) knows that all of this "bailing out" and endless open line of credit is causing extreme inflation and massive devaluation of the dollar. Barney Frank doesn't care, but what did the member of the Committee who actually does care and has a clue say?

Well, let's take a look at some comments from Congressman Ron Paul.

"Inflation is tax. And if the Federal Reserve, and you as chairman, have the authority to increase the money supply arbitrarily, you're probably the biggest taxer in the country."

As for the continual bailing out of these criminal banks, Dr. Paul told the crook Bernanke, "Every time we've had a crisis we have sort of arrested that crisis by more inflation, exactly what we're doing now. But ultimately, people pay for it in higher prices."

Of course, there are two schools here. The first is the contingent of Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Independents, et al., who have rallied behind Dr. Paul for the past year. Party-line b.s. aside, he's right on just about everything he says, and his historic presidential campaign fundraising and non-partisan support has proven it. On the other hand, there are the moronic mainline liberals and conservatives who think the Federal Reserve is good, and that they will save us. Time has run out to try and convince these fools. Let them be the ones who are tasered by goon police because they are protesting the fact that the FDIC won't bone up with their "guaranteed" $100,000.

As for Barney Frank, let's not forget his under-age male prostitute ring in the late 80s. The guy is fake and a sick individual. Although, I'd take that 1000x's over his curious bedfellowing with a piece of garbage like Ben Bernanke.

Kucinich Continues to Stand Tall

Dennis Kucinich continues to show he is a true champion of the American people. When last month's 35-article impeachment attempt failed, he promised he'd be back. Unlike 99% of his colleagues, he kept his promise. The result was a 238-180 victory in the House on Tuesday for his article citing Bush's lies leading up to the Iraq war.

The next step will be a hearing before the Judiciary Committee. This is little more than a sham, however, as Dem leaders said impeachment will not be discussed. Rather, there will be an election-year review of Bush's actions - whatever that means. The hearing could take place next week.

I doubt anyone really thought impeachment was likely anyway, so there's really no letdown there. What is important, however, is that Kucinich stood by his convictions, and kept his promise to himself, his few genuine colleagues, and the American people. Unlike most, his promise to keep coming back with articles of impeachment wasn't a one-time piece of rhetoric.

Our criminal government constantly goes around saying, "90% of you don't like what we're doing, well too bad, we're going to do it anyway." This time the tables were turned. Last month the House said no to Kucinich, and his response was, "too bad. I'll be back as many times as it takes."

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Feds Apparently Infiltrate RonPaulWarRoom.Com

It's 7:37 p.m. on Tuesday, July 15, and I just logged on to Scrolling down the page to read the latest posts and see if there have been any comments to my posts from last night, I saw some pretty sick and twisted stuff.

The site is presently chock-full-of pornography. Prominent pictures of breasts, genitals, and the rest of it. Now, I've got nothing against porn or naked women. I enjoy it as much as the next guy. This is obviously not the forum, however, and apparently the site has been infiltrated. Only shills of the New World Order would log on to this site and post smut. Even most of the trash that disagrees with us just spews nonsense and Neo-Con talking points. This is a new low.

I guess the moral here is that they can no longer fight us on any of the actual issues. Resortion to these tactics is the only way. They figure, hey, "the site is full of real patriots trying to spread truth and who care about our country. Let's get them shut down by any means possible."

Well, here's a news flash for you, you two-faced punks; nothing Alex Jones-related WILL EVER be shut down!

I've just emailed screenshots to Paul Joseph Watson, Aaron Dykes, and Kurt Nimmo at (Alex Jones's headquarters) for documentation in case no one has seen this yet. I refuse to post the smut here, however.

Stay tuned for developements...

(update - Friday, July 18)

I logged on to for the first time today at 6:15 p.m., and the porn appears to have been removed. I recall it being up there about 22 hours ago when I posted my latest blog, but hopefully it's gone for good!

March for Liberty Totally Ignored

Not surprisingly, there was nearly zero MSM coverage of Ron Paul's March for Liberty on Washington this past Saturday. I even feel remiss in not writing about it up to this point, but I've just been so preoccupied with Iran and the upcoming WWIII.

MSM coverage amounted to a blog by the Chicago Tribune - which happens to be about the best of what's out there in the criminal corporate media - and a piece on CNN. CNN of course lied, and said there were 800 people at the march - rather than the 2500 or so tallied by all accounts.

I'd be a lot more irate in blogging about this, except for having temporarily expended my hatred toward the media last night in regards to the Jesse Ventura senate run, or lack there of.

The march was part of the Congressman's Campaign for Liberty - or what is being hailed at Phase II of the Ron Paul Revolution. With the presidential run over, the mission now "is to promote and defend the great American principles of individual liberty, constitutional government, sound money, free markets, and a noninterventionist foreign policy, by means of educational and political activity."

Definitely make it a point though to check out Dr. Paul's speech.

On a side note, I can't wait to put on C-SPAN tonight and see Ben Bernanke get crucified by the the Senate Banking Committee. The House will have its turn tomorrow. There's nothing better than that dumb look on his ugly bearded mug when Ron Paul lays into him.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Ventura Forced Into Not Running

Former Governor Jesse Ventura has just announced on Larry "the Sickly Shill" King Live that he will NOT run for Senate in his home state of Minnesota. If you listen to Jesse's explanation and simultaneously watch his expressions, you'll see he absolutely wants to, but in no possible way can get himself to do it.

Ventura sited the vicious attacks his family, in particular his son, endured during his campaign for and ultimately his tenure as governor. You can see in his eyes this is a man that cannot possibly endure this MSM, dirtbag torture again.

This appearance comes on the heels of a 1-hour spot this afternoon on the Alex Jones Show. Throughout the interview, Alex - as he's known and revered for - failed to restrain himself and professed that Ventura would run for and be elected to the Minn. senate seat. Throughout, however, you could sense the tempered attitude from the Governor. Even as they parted at the end of the hour, Ventura promised Alex he would come back for an interview, "before I leave for Mexico." South of the Border is where Jesse spends the inclemant parts of the year. Clearly, a harbinger.

This should in no way diminish Ventura's credibility. If 1% of Congress or the 50 governors of the U.S. displayed as much courage, truth, and patriotism as he has, we probably wouldn't be headed down the road to hell and back that we're on.

Rather, this is just another example of how the MSM can portray the news the way they want (or are told to), can paint a candidate (or any person) in the light they want (or are told to), and convince the retarded public of whatever the criminal globalist leaders wish.

It's heart wrenching.

One thing is for sure, though. When we finally expose 9/11 as an Inside Job, not only are the politicians and global elite going to hang. These blonde bimbos and hair-piece lackeys in the media are going to hang as well. Believe that.

Rove the Latest Neo-Con Proven Above the Law

First there was George Bush declaring himself a dictator last year with Presidential Decision Directive 51. At any time, he can declare a state of emergency, institute martial law, and strip Congress of any continuity of government. Then we had Dick Cheney claiming to be outside of the Executive branch of the government - not a Congressman or a judge, that leaves him as some sort of demonic rouge. Although I suppose that's been apparent for quite a few years now.

Last week we saw the anointing of Karl Rove as the newest Neo-Con God who dare not be questioned. The former White House advisor, known as "Bush's Brain" - as if that somehow is complimentary - was subpoenaed by Congress to answer allegations of political pressure at the Justice Department, including whether he influenced the prosecution of a former Democratic governor of Alabama. Rather than show up, he fled the country saying there's no way he's going to answer any questions.

Word is Congress will now indict Rove with contempt of Congress. Those Dems mean business!

I hate to inform the Judiciary Commitee, but I think we're still waiting for other former White House staffers to show up to face their contempt charges. This pathetic attempt to wield power by Congress will probably be as effective as trying to coerce Bush and Cheney into testifying on record about 9/11, or for that matter, putting together a 9/11 Commission that would unearth some truth and give victim's families some answers.

Truth be told, with what's lurking on the economic and military horizons, we'd probably be lucky if this type of chicanery was as criminal as it got as Bush and Co. run out the clock on their reign of terror.

More Color-Coding from the Neo-Cons

With the foundation of lies and propaganda laid solid, U.S. Defense Dept. officials now claim that Bush is poised to support a unilateral Israeli strike on Iran. Allegedly, the Chimp in Chief has given the "amber light" on the utter annihilation of Tehran.

Could the Neo-Cons be any more fascinated with assigning hues to all things related to "terror" and the Middle East? Before I sat down to write, I probably should have double checked what shade of al-Qaeda threat we're currently under. Not that it matters anyway, but I'm sure I'll find it soon enough. No doubt it's streaming minute to minute on the Fox News ticker.

Incidentally, "Amber means get on with your preparations, stand by for immediate attack and tell us when you're ready," the [Pentagon] official said.

Bush's blessing comes right as Israel's Defense Minister Ehud Barak visits Washington this week for "consultations" on Iran. Last week, it was Mossad chief Meir Dagan in town. Two weeks ago, it was U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Adm. Michael Mullen, in Israel.

Maybe it's all just a straight run of coincidence, but this seems like an awful lot of coordination if there's nothing on the immediate horizon. Even the Iraqi government had to scold the U.S. late last week for using Iraq airspace and U.S. bases in Iraq to take off, land, and run drills.

This is rather reminiscent of our massing troops and weapons in Afghanistan's neighbors like Uzbekistan and Tajikistan days before 9/11 - knowing the attacks were coming, and knowing we were going to invade. Who knows if there's a false flag operation in store for us, as a pretext for bombing the heck out of Iran, but there are just way too many State visits back and forth for all of this to amount to nothing.

Can we say $400/barrel oil?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Is Iran a Threat or Not? Make Up Your Neo-Con Minds!

Let's take a trip back to this past Wednesday. Iran test-fired long-range missles, threatening the poor U.S. and the Zionists in Isarael. A top Israeli spokesman said, "The Iranian nuclear program and the Iranian ballistic missle program must be of concern for the entire national community."

One day later, U.S. intelligence is running around saying Iran did NOT fire long-range missles. Instead, they claim Iran set off up to seven short-to-medium range missles. So which is it? Are they antagonizing Israel and the West, and are they a dreaded nuclear foe, or are they makng up stories of their capabilities? Regardless of the answer, does Israel need our "obligation to help our allies defend themselves...?"

Well, if a country that has 400 nukes needs to be protected from a nation that arugably can't get more than three missles off of the ground (per the whole 3 of 4 Photoshop U.S./Israeli intelligence argument), they're pretty pathetic. Of couse, this isn't the mindset though. Rather, Israel continues to use the U.S. as a puppet as it runs around the Middle East breaking every law and enforcing every shady treaty it can to prohibit its neighbors from possessing nuclear weapon defense. Israel can do what it wants, when it wants, but God forbid anyone else dare.

It's tragically comic that this latest outrage stems from a half-assed missle test by Iran, given that last month Israel ran hard-core drillls over Eurpoe intended to intimindate the Iranians.

This is not a religous blog. This is not an anti-Israel blog. Don't even think about starting some kind of faith-based b.s. argument here and emailing me with Zionest crap. I do, however, refuse to stay silent while our country is dipped further into debt and winless war because our puppet strings are pulled by the Israelis. IT NEEDS TO STOP!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Obama, 68 Others Say "No" to the 4th Amendment

After easily passing the House last month, the criminal FISA amendment bill breezed through the Senate yesterday, 69-30. Bush has just signed off on the bill this afternoon, and telecommunications companies now have free reign to spy on American citizens without warrant, justification, or probable cause. Even worse, they are pardoned for each and every past incidence of illegal tapping.

Naturally, the Neo-Cons are celebrating a first-class victory as they further enslave the public. But what about the so-called Left-Wing savior?

Well, Barack "Real Change" Obama voted in favor of this dagger in the heart of America. Now that he has the Democratic nomination, I guess he's free to run around openly acting like the New World Order piece of trash that he is. I'm sure dumbed-down liberals on college campuses everywhere will find some mindless way to justify his vote. The fact remains, though, he continues to prove he's little if any different than John McCain. McCain actually was the only Senator who did not vote. He was busy campaigning, and it was a foregone conclusion his vote wouldn't be needed. If and when the public wakes up to what this bill really means, look for the McCain camp to spin and say, "we didn't vote for it." In fact, not one single Republican voted "nay," so you can see what bandwagon Barack is hitched to.

Incidentally, Hillary Clinton voted against the bill.

Maybe Obama really does represent change. In so far as being a poster boy for the new America - where you have zero privacy and you're al-Qaeda until proven innocent.

The Latest Bull from the BBC

The BBC ran yet another filthy 9/11 Hit Piece on Sunday night. This time the focus was largely on Building 7. I haven't seen this bunch of bull yet, but all reports indicate it's even more comical and pathetic than the last hit piece they did in February of 2007.

Honestly, I can't even stomach trying to outline what I've read and heard about it so far. It's too infuriating to even think about. How a media outlet as large as the BBC can get away with flat out lies, slander, and revisionist history is plain sickening.

Perhaps after I view this joke, I'll have something more to say. For now, watch Alex Jones and Jason Bermas discuss the piece at:

In response to the BBC shenanigans, Dylan Avery over at Loose Change also released the entire Barry Jennings video today. You'll recall Jennings was the Deputy Director of the NYC Emergency Services Dept. on 9/11, and talked with Dylan at length about bombs in WTC7.

Dylan, Jason, Alex, Luke Rudkowski, et al. are all just absolutely incredible and amazing individuals. It's like they have a deck of 52 aces. Every time the MSM tries to concoct more debunking nonsense, these guys present yet another document or video with clear-cut, undeniable, stone-cold evidence crushing the official story.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Iran Employing Radical Islamic... Monkeys?

The criminal governments of the U.S., Israel and England have been ramping up the Iran propaganda lately with an increasing line of complete b.s. The Iranians are building nukes, they want to wipe Israel off the map (yes, they're still using that one), they're driving up the price of oil, and on and on and on. The fear mongering appears to have hit an all-time level of absurdity however.

A Sunday article in the Times of London said that there is great fear of germ warfare because thousands of monkeys have been shipped from Tanzania to Iran and are being housed in ultra-secret labs. The argument is that the monkeys are being used in bio-warfare tests. I realize that the public is getting wiser every day to the out-and-out lies we're fed, and the globalists therefore need to come up with some new material. This, however, is a new level of comedy. I guess if they ultimately can't get the public to buy into Iran having nukes that could reach Cincinnati, they'll try and fall back on extremist simians.

Keep an eye out for upcoming "leaked" videos of bearded monkeys in turbans practicing guerrilla warfare drills at al-Qaeda camps. Because remember folks, Iran may be Shiite, but they're the ones running al-Qaeda groups in Iraq.

The Times also ran an article today which basically chastised Iran for suggesting they would dare fight back if attacked. The article cited Iran's claim that an attack by the U.S. and Israel would be met with, among other things, the burning of Tel Aviv. Obviously the Iranians are expected to sit there and take one 2000-lb bomb after another and say or do nothing.

The propaganda piece also reiterated that Israel will simply not allow Iran to have any capability to make even one nuke. It's alright though that the Israelis have 400 of them.

This is all just too familiar to six years ago and the lead-up to Shock and Awe. The MSM is doing their best to make sure the end result is the same, but fortunately, I've yet to see the ignorant fervor from the public. We'll see what happens in the next four months.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Brake for Christians

It appears South Carolina is ready to greenlight a plan allowing for "Christian" license plates. These plates would feature a cross and the words "I believe." This of course is a blatant violation of the separation of church and state. But, they don't care. In fact, S.C.'s Lt. Gov. was quoted as saying, "I think it allows people of faith to profess that they have a higher calling, they believe in God."

Apparently, only Christians (of which I am one, by the way) have a higher calling and believe in a God. Other faiths in the state are more than welcome to their own faith-based license plates, only they have to pay $4000 for one. Other faiths will also be subject to significant limits and regulations not imposed on Christians. Talk about a drawing a big fat line between first and second-class citizens.

The fanatical Christian antics in the Palmetto State don't end there. A colleague alerted me to a group called Christian Exodus. This is an organization bent on moving thousands of Christians to South Carolina to reestablish constitutional and limited government. Now, that sounds all well and fine. I'm all for the constitution. Look a little under the lacy surface, however, and you begin to see the hypocrisy.

In its list of rights that have been "violated," Christian Exodus mentions such things as being exposed to homosexuality, pornography, sodomy, and other "perversities. [sic]" Of course, none of the aforementioned is illegal (yet, at least) and all are rights under the 4th Amendment (right to privacy). Strange how a group so fixated on Constitutional rights is so quick to dismiss a whole host of them out of hand.

Other violations they mention are the teaching of evolution, and not being able to pray in school (again, division of Church and State, people).

I find it very hard to believe that a group so hung up on homosexuality, porn, Darwinian teachings, and school prayer didn't vote for Bush, Cheney and basically most of the leading Neo-Cons in Congress. And while both Repubs and Dems are bought and paid for, there's no question it's these same Neo-Cons who are leading the charge in destroying each and every facet of the Constitution this exodus group wants to protect.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Truth Rising!

Just finished watching Alex Jones' new movie 9/11 Chronicles Part I: Truth Rising. Not surprisingly, it was absolutely incredible. It wasn't about bombs in the buildings, CIA-controlled hijackers, what hit the Pentagon, or Flight 93. We already know all about that. The damning evidence stacks to the moon. Rather, this cinema verite documents the rise and power of the 9/11 Truth Movement.

The footage in this film is absolutely mind boggling. It shows confrontations between Truthers and just about every elected official of great stature you could possibly imagine. Naturally, it's largely focused on the efforts of Luke Rudkowski and We Are Change, but it also features a number of other Truth groups slaying the criminal giants. The film shows heartbreaking but inspiring tales from first responders, the ordeals of victims family members, and the overall and constant uphill battle all 9/11 Truth patriots endure.

There isn't a whole lot more I can say to plug this film or do it any justice. In fact, the longer I go on, the more injustice I do... as it's wasting time between now and when you go and get this groundbreaking film.

Either subscribe now to or purchase the DVD from or

It truly is the definitive film of the Second American Revolution!

Friday, July 4, 2008

God Bless America (and God Help Her)

As we celebrate our 232nd Independence Day, it is heart wrenching to step back and look at our country completely devolve. We should be celebrating with friends and family the values that patriots like Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich continue to champion. The virtues of liberty, personal freedoms, sound economic policies, and a foreign policy of non-interventionism.

Instead, we have only zombie-like yuppies who think they're part of the establishment as long as they adorn their SUV with a plastic flag, worship the Federal Reserve, and dare not question they're beloved leaders -whether George Bush or Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton or Mitt Romney. Patriotism, tragically, is equated with worshiping a worthless Dollar, supporting illegal wars, and not questioning the often barbaric actions of our police.

There is no question we've begun to see some progress. Truth movements continue to grow exponentially, more and more folks distrust both sides of our criminal government, and young people are galvanized to create change. Ultimately we won't see lasting change, though, until our elite class are all in prison, our yuppie class gets a mass lobotomy, we rid ourselves of the Federal Reserve, and we bring each and every member of our military home from the 130 different countries they now reside in.

Be safe this 4th of July, and continue to do any little bit you can to help regain our nation from tyranny as the Founders did 232 years ago.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Obama's Platform Begins to Materialize, and It's a Joke

We've listened to Barack Obama for months on end say absolutely nothing aside from how he represents "change." We've seen him weasel his way out of despicable associations with the likes of Jeremiah Wright and Michael Pfleger - both of whom are openly anti-White, although Pfleger himself is white. We've had to listen to his wretched wife talk about how disgraced she is to be an American. And so we've waited and waited and waited to hear some sort of policy stance.

Well that's now materializing, and not shockingly, it's pretty darn similar to that of John McCain. Over the the past couple of weeks, both candidates have gone from saying they would not accept public campaign financing to saying they would. On the war front(s), we know McCain is a complete chicken hawk psycho, but Obama's camp came out the other day saying all options are on the table in regards to Iran. Nearly a year ago, Obama also said he would certainly consider military action against Pakistan.

Today he had to call two separate press conferences in North Dakota about the same thing: Iraq. That's because he first said he would be open to changing his stance on the war in Iraq after a visit to the country. I guess he quickly realized he slipped up and admitted what anyone with half a brain already knows and that is he has no intention of ending the war. So, he called the media shills back and half-heartedly backpedaled.

And let's not forget the shady backdoor meeting he held with Hillary back on June 6 right outside of D.C. - the same night the 2008 Bilderberg meeting got underway in nearby Chantilly, VA. This unannounced meeting was abetted by locking press members inside Obama's plane and shipping them back off to Chicago before they had any idea Obama was not on board.

Sure, he's charming and a dynamic speaker. He's likely the slightly better alternative (only because McCain is The Manchurian Candidate - literally), but like I've been saying, we waited for the true colors to come out, and they are dark indeed.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bin Laden's Corpse Having Kidney Troubles

It's been a while since we've heard from or about Osama Bin Laden. Never fear though. A new CIA report has "leaked" to Time magazine, detailing how the boogeyman is having massive kidney troubles. If I'm not mistaken, his kidneys weren't working too well six and seven years ago either. Of course, he's managed to stave off kidney failure this whole time while hiding out in the caves of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

In reality, all legitimate reports over the past several years indicate that the evil terrorist mastermind has been dead for quite some time.

Consider that not even the criminal CIA has been able to put out a semi-believable Bin Laden tape for years. Each time they trot out new fear-mongering footage, it's more and more laughable. Either it's a voice over on a tape that we were served six years ago, or it's some fat guy in a beard passed off as this sickly kidney-diseased demon. Not that the public can decipher the difference.

This latest dis-info could be a number of things. One thing for sure is it's material disseminated to continue justifying the War on Terror. It could also be the psychological bricks being laid to have Bush standing over Bin Laden's corpse three weeks before he leaves office - forever cementing the success of this bogus War on Terror. Don't forget, Bush promised to capture Bin Laden "dead or alive" after 9/11. Given the complete hubris of the Neo-Cons, it would hardly be a surprise to see a bearded Arab prop front and center for the cameras in a Fall, election year surprise.

Perhaps, though, it's plain opportunism - given the recent rise in violence and American troop deaths in Afghanistan. Simply a tool to divert the public from the fact that we have virtually no troops in the country because of the illegal Iraq war. It's not policy that's killing our men and women, it's the fact that the Taliban is resurgent, and Bin Laden is leading the charge.

At least the Neo-Cons seem to have finally realized they've aired one too many fake Bin Laden videos. Even Joe Six-Pack and Sally Soccer Mom have caught on. The criminal elite has been relegated to the written word; leaked through Pentagon-run rags like Time.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

McCain, Obama and the Race to Tehran

Let's face it... the race to prove who's tougher on Iran has begun. It's absolutely incredible that we haven't learned from the past five years and the absolute annihilation we've suffered in Iraq. Now we're witnessing the election-year posturing regarding Iran. We all know McCain is all for the complete destruction of a country his supporters can't find on a map. What is genuinly surprising, however, is that Obama's Campaign Communications Director, Robert Gibbs has told CNN that "no options are off the table" in regards to Iran.

For a candidate that continues to spout the fact he did NOT vote for the Iraq war, this is pretty hysterical (although not funny at all). The only reason Obama did not vote for the war in Iraq is that he had not yet taken office at the time of the resolution. Is there anyone alive - Republican or Democratc - who thinks he would have cast a "nay" if in public office at that point? Sadly, yes. Every mainline liberal in the U.S.

We need to pay very close attention to both sides of this issue over the next few months. At this point, we have no faction of our goverment acting towards the best interests of the American people.

But then again, who cares about the American people? If the majority of power did, we would not be in Iraq, we would not be printing money out of thin air, we would not be instigating illegal wars, we would not be on the verge of economic depression, martial law, and the Second Revolution in the history of the United States. Keep pushing us, New World Order. You're going to find out what the meaning of revolt is.