Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ron Paul Keeps His Foot on the Throat on The Federal Reserve

Once again our spineless and criminal House of "Representatives" has voted to float billions of dollars to a bunch of robber barons - at the expense of an American public that increasingly cannot afford to eat, pay rent, buy medicines, and have some level of base entertainment all in the same month.

By a vote of 237-170, the House voted last night to approve $14 billion to rescue the archaic U.S. auto industry in what promises to be the Wall Street bailout on a smaller scale - enough money to artificially inflate the markets, keep the public from devolving into chaos, and pay the corporate executives millions in year-end bonuses.

As always, Congressman Ron Paul was front and center during the House bailout debate to buck the puppet line and refresh everyone as to the true root of our current economic Armageddon.

“If you look at the grand problem we have it’s much much bigger,” said Paul. "We spend more money, we run up more debt, we print more money, and we think that’s going to solve the problem that was created by spending too much money, running up debt, printing too much money and here we are today.

“[The Federal Reserve] create[s] this money and when the Fed chairman comes before our committee we ask, 'where did you dispose of this $2 trillion dollars that you’ve created recently,' he says 'well it’s not your business;' he doesn’t even have to tell us.”

Dr. Paul also added that the creation of over $8 trillion dollars in government obligations by the Federal Reserve evaded the audit of Congress - which, incidentally, is completely unconstitutional.

Back in September, Congressman Paul stated that Bernanke and former Fed Chair Alan Greenspan - among others - should be brought up on criminal charges for their part in the destruction of the U.S. economy.

The issue and vote is now with the Senate - where you can be assured that the even more corrupt half of the Legislature will send the money through without a hitch.

The bottom line is this: until the public wakes up to how our monetary system really works, and until we have more Ron Pauls in Congress, more and more Fortune 1000 crooks are going to be cashing in on the dimes of the average struggling American.

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